The ultimate, award winning, real-time sky & weather renderer.

Ten years in the making, trueSKY provides realistic, real time weather rendering for games, simulation and image generation. It is available as a plugin for Unreal Engine, Unity and also as a SDK.
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trueSKY pricing

Our Indie licence is priced to be very affordable so the development community can easily access trueSKY. Our Pro licence is for game developers who are using trueSKY in a game release with a budget of £100k or more. The price of a Pro licence is issued on request.

Why choose trueSKY?

trueSKY is an all in one toolset for sky and weather systems

Fully Customisable

Dynamic Lighting Effects

Real-World Weather Systems

Night and Day, Rain or Shine

Over 40 leading developers choose trueSKY

Engine Plugins

Including trueSKY in a game or simulation project is as straightforward as including the trueSKY API calls in your rendering pipeline. For products built on Unreal Engine 4 or Unity, the process is even simpler – just add the trueSKY plugin to any existing project.

Fully adjustable for maximum performance and quality

High dynamic range physically-based rendering

Tuned for high performance on next-generation renderers

Advanced toolset for full control

Add visual impact and realism

Reduce development costs and time

Gain performance savings

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